Bluesky Technology

Cloud-based tools to help you connect with, support and strengthen your community.

Bluesky Product Suite

Our members , donors and events toolsets can be used together or individually.

Bluesky provides incredible value... The low cost to entry makes this an easy investment and one with great return. I especially appreciate the team's responsiveness.

- - Sky
San Francisco Public School

Modern Solutions for your Community



Requires no software installation

Simply sign up for a subscription, log into your account and get started right away. Access your account from any device, anywhere and at anytime.


Friction-Free Payment Options

for your community

We have integrated with Braintree to bring you the latest in online secure payment options.

Sign up with Braintree and link your account to Bluesky and you will be able to offer hastle-free payment and donation options to your community.


Flexible Subscription

choices to meet your needs

Our low cost of entry makes it easy to get started. Start with just what you need and grow from there. You can always add options to your subscription.


Gain Insight

into your community

Tools share a common database providing insight into how individuals engage with your community: attending events, donating, participating in programs.

Capture relationships between community members to help you learn more.