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Whether you're soliciting donations for an event, implementing a fund-raising drive or simply providing an easy way for your community to give online, we've got the tools to support you!

From reaching out to your community with solicitation mailings to following up with potential donors, receiving donations, sending thank yous and analyzing the effectiveness of your fundraising efforts so you can improve - our tools support you through the entire process.

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Simplify the Donation Process with Donor Self Serve

Donor Self Serve is an easy way to enable your community to give online. Weather they are looking to make a one-time cash donation, enroll in a sustainer program, donate goods and services or sponsor an event,
Donor Self Serve makes it easy for you and your donors

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In Kind and Sellable Items

Donors can pledge donations of goods and services through their donor self serve page. If the donation requires a certificate, donors can opt. designate the printing of the certificate to you. Once items are received, you can categorize them as in-kind or sellable. For physical items, donors will select a conveyance method - you specify the options: pick-up, delivery, etc.


Cash Donations

We have integrated with Braintree to bring you the latest in secure on-line credit card processing. Sign up with Braintree and link your account to Bluesky to take advantage of this feature. Not only will you be able to accept cash donations, but you can also encourage donors to enroll in sustainer programs.
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Donation History

Donors can view their donation history and choose to make a repeat donation. When a donor repeats a prior donation, all details from that donation are copied to the current donation simplifying the process for them. They can make modifications as necesary.


Sponsoring an Event

Donors can also purchase tickets and/or sponsor an event from their self-serve page.

Modernize your Mailing Campaigns

You can execute simple or sophisticated mailing campaigns. Choose to send email and/or hard copy solicitations and thank yous. Mailings can be branded, customized to individual donors and targeted to specific groups.

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Template Driven

Our mailing campaign system is template driven allowing you to customize your mailings to individual donors. You can include donor details like name, address and prior donations, for example. You only have to define a single template and mailings for all of your selected donors can be generated from your donor database.


Emails and Letters

We provide support for email as well as hard copy letters. If you choose to send an email mailing you can include a link to the donor's self serve page.


Targeted Mailings

Powerful filtering capabilities allow you to target different versions of your mailing to specific groups of donors. Send one version to donors who have perviously donated and another version to new donors, for example.


Mailing History

We help you keep track so that you avoid sending duplicates and ensure everyone receives a mailing.

Mobilize your Solicitation Team

Following up with donors can be a big job. We help you tackle this process as a team and empower your solicitors with tools to make the process efficient and easy.

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Working Together

When it comes to following up with donors, we make it easy to tackle the process as a team. Donors can be actively assigned to solicitors or they can choose from a list of unassigned donors. We ensure that only one solicitor is working on a donor at a time. You can keep track of a donor's status through their solicitation state and notes.


Intuitive Interface

Our solicitor tools are powerful yeat easy to use. Solicitors can view and update a donors details, see their donation history and add a donation item.


Powerful Tools

You enable various options to become available within the solicitor tools interface. Allow solicitors to send emails and letters that have been created within your mailing campaign. You can also allow solicitors to access a donor's self-serve page.

As a small non profit with limited resources, these tools allow us to target what works and helps us maximize our fundraising efforts. The reports are intuitive, easy to read, and customizable so that we can look at our fundraising from many angles to understand the overall picture.

- Amanda S.
Ruraq Maki

Implement a Sustainer Program

Enable our recuring donation feature and you will be able to provide your donors with an effective yet easy way to give.

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Recurring Donations

Set up a Braintree account and link it to Bluesky and you will be able to take advantage of our recurring payments feature. When donors make an onlie cash donation they can be encouraged to make it repeat monthly. Donors can specify how many months the payment should recure. They can access their recurring donation from their self-serve page and make modifications if necessary.

Take your Fundraising to the Next Level

by upgrading to Enhanced Donor Management

All event subscriptions include basic donor management features. You can upgrade to enhanced donor management at any time. The upgrade includes support for: matching contributions, donor relationships and more advanced reporting and analysis tools.

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Fundraising Analysis

A robust set of analysis and reporting tools is included with every event subscription. These tools help you identify opportunities to analyze your event and improve on your fundraising. Enhanced donor management tools allow you to analyze donation activity and event revenue across all of your events and for your entire supporting community. Best of all, these tools are available from a web browser, and can be used by even by the most casual of users.


Donor Relations

Understanding the interconnectedness of your donor community is vital to your fundraising success. Bluesky provides a customizable, meta-data based approach to collecting and filtering donor relationships. Capture relationships between your donors so that you may better understand the intricacies of your donor community.


Matching Contributions

Matching gifts are an important element in fundraising, and Bluesky equips you with tools to keep your matching donations well organized. Associate a donation with a matching organization. The system will report on outstanding match requests, and assist in linking the matching donation to its source.


Database Augmentation

Extend the database with keyword grouping with which you can further annotate your donors.

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