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Planning an event? We've got you covered!

From sit-down galas to ticketed performances to auctions and everything in between, Bluesky Events provides you with a comprehensive toolset to support you through the entire event process.

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For the past 10 years we've been helping communities and organizations run successful events and take their fundraising to the next level!

Our low cost of entry makes it easy to get started. You can start with a single event and then over time add ticketing, add an auction, add additional events, you decide.

And because our software is cloud-based, it doesn't require software installation

Our toolset supports you through the entire event life-cycle

Preparing for your Event

On the Day of Your Event

Wrapping things Up

Analyzing your Event

Supporting your Event Guests

We know that running a successful event largely depends on delivering a positive experience to your guests. Our guest tools help you do just that!

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Selling Tickets

Our ticketing system is powerful and flexible. It can save you a lot of time and offer convenience to your guests.

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Selling Online

Save time by selling tickets online! If you choose to enable them, credit card payments will automatically be recorded for you in Bluesky. You can also offline payment instructions for paying by cash or check. Offline payments can be recorded through our event admin tools.


Variety of Ticket Types

Sell admission tickets as well as merchandice. Set a date range to create an early bird ticket type, a quantity for "while supplies last" tickets and merchandice, admits more than one for a package discount. For sponsorships you can designate a percentage of the price as tax deductable. These are just a few examples of what you can do!


Tax Deductions

You can designate a certain percentage of the ticket tax deduxtible. This will be reflected on the guests receipt.


Selling Offline

Ticket sales and cash and check payments can be recorded through our event admin tools. You can also process credit card payments and send email receipts. For guests with outstanding payments due, youi can email an invoice with a link to pay online by credit card and/or include payment instruction for paying by cash or check.

I have been very impressed with Bluesky. I loved hearing everyone's comments, "That's all we have to do? That's so simple!." The data entry went smoothly and check in/out was the simplest process we've ever had for our school's auction. Amazing! I also appreciate your quick responses to any questions or problems that I had throughout the process. Nothing was ever left unanswered and solutions were created to work with our event!

- Mari
Auction co-chair SF Public School

Full auction lifecycle support

For the past 10 years our auction software has helping communities and non-profits run successful auctions. Many of our customers have provided feadback and partnered with us over the years so that we can continue to enhance the product and make it better!

  • Create and send targeted solicitations and thank yous. Support for email and hard copy letters
  • Follow up with donors and keep track of their solicitation state
  • Allow donors to pledge their donations online through our Donor Self Serve feature
  • Tackle the solicitation process as a team

Learn more by checking out Bluesky Donors.
Basic donor management is included with every event subscription.

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  • Simple intuitive data entry screens
  • For items that are repeated from a prior event, details (including images) can be retrieved from the archives.
  • Items can be bundled and auctioned off as a package
  • Add a quality control layer to your auction item database with our editing toolset. Once items are marked as edited, they become available to the catalog and bid-sheet functions
  • Publish an auction catalog
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  • Quickly generate bid sheets from your auction item database. Bid values can initialized at the category level and then tweaked for individual items.
  • Support for a variety of bidding methods: silent, live, fixed and sign-up.
  • Items can be bundled into a package that share a single bid-sheet.
  • Our bid entry interface is designed to help you enter winning bids efficiently and accurately.
  • Avoid costly mistakes on your invoices through Bluesky's auditing function.
  • Online bidding is supported through our eBay interface. You can choose to auction some of your items off in this way. Note that you must have an eBay seller account and eBay places selling limitson new accounts.
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  • Bidder numbers can be pre-assigned and emailed to guests
  • Intuitive guest check-in screens speed up the process.
  • Invoices can be customized to meet your needs. Include branding, event details, credit card surcharge, etc.
  • Bluesky is integrated with square, paypal and braintree. Linking your account to Bluesky allows you to accept credit card payments and have them automatically recorded for you in Bluesky.
  • Cash, check and credit card payments (not processed through Bluesky) can be recorded manually.
  • Bill your winning bidders via e-mail and receive payments electronically
  • Encourage guests to enroll in expedited checkout. With the click of a button, process payments and email receipts to all enrolled winning bidders.

Learn more about Hastle Free Checkout Options.

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  • Resolve discrepancies with our follow-up tools
  • View a list of all biddders who have a balance due. Rcord payments, send invoices or charge a pre-authorized card right from the list
  • Reporting and extract tools ensure you have access to your data
  • Archiving your event moves guest and auction item details into the archives so that they can be retrieved for future events - saving you data entry down the road.
  • A comprehensive set of interactive charts helps you analyze your event and visualize trends from year to year.
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Hassle Free Checkout Options

We have integrated with Braintree in order to provide you with the latest in modern, secure online payment options.

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  • Guests can enroll when they purchase tickets online or at checkin.
  • Guests receive a system generated e-mail receipt whenever their card is charged.
  • All enrolled guests can be processed at one time with our batch check-out process.
  • Guests are assured that they will only be charged for envent related purchases and their credit card information is never stored by Bluesky.
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Check out was such a breeze this year. Expedited payment made all the difference. The only line of the evening was for people collecting their gift certificates, and that moved very quickly. It was quite a bit of work to get people to sign up for this first year, but I'm sure people will just do it automatically next year.There's another benefit I hadn't anticipated -- it's made giving refunds for those little mix-ups super easy. I've been able to just go in and refund the charge card on file. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and support. Every year it just gets better!

- Ann C.
Auction Chair St. Paul's

Archiving and Analysis

Analyze your current and historical events and campaigns using our interactive charting tools. When you have completed your event, archive it so that you have access to historical data such as prior donations and event guests.

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