Bluesky Members

If you are in the business of bringing together a community of people (students, families, teachers, volunteers, etc.) all around a service that you provide, then Bluesky Members is for you!

Bluesky Members is a low-cost easy to use solution for managing all things having to do with your members from enrollment and program participation to billing, scheduling, communication and more

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From the sole proprietor offering weekly lessons to the larger organization offering multiple classes or running a youth group,
Bluesky Members is a one size fits all solution that grows with you!

And because it's cloud-based...
It doesn't require software installation

Get up and running quickly with our simple set up

Simplify and modernize your billing

Our comprehensive billing functionality makes things easier for you and your customers. We make it easy for you to quickly generate, review and send email invoices. You can can even allow your customers to pay their invoice right from the email!

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Invoices can be emailed to household members designated as invoicees. Invoicees receive a single, consolidated invoice containing billing information for all household members across all enrolled programs.


Online payments

We have integrated with Braintree in order to provide you with the latest in modern, secure online payment options. Allow your clients to pay by credit card right from their email invoice. You can even include a credit card surcharge.


Payment Plans

For large payments like tuition, you can offer a payment plan through Bluesky's Auto Pay feature. Enrolling in auto pay makes it easy to offer recurring credit card processing to program participants.

Our scheduler helps you stay organized

Bluesky's Scheduler uses a calendar interface to make scheduling lessons, keeping track of attendance, and scheduling make-ups a breeze. Billing is integrated into the scheduler providing you with an easy way to quickly bill all of your members based on a calendar of scheduled items.

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Powerful yet Simple

Maintaining a scheduled item's details is accomplished with a simple click. From the same pop-up, you can view schedule and billing details, cancel a single occurrence of a recurring item, cancel the entire series, change the schedule, change the billing rules, or record attendance.


Manage Cancellations and Make-ups

We make it easy for you to keep track of cancellations and make-ups. When you cancel an item, you can record a reson, specify if it should be billed for and, if necessary, schedule a make-up.



The scheduler can also combine billing rules with scheduled items in order to perform billing functions, such as recording transactions and e-mailing invoices.

Bluesky's customer service is fantastic! We had every question answered quickly and completely.

- Chi A.
SF Public Elementary School

Member Information at your finger tips

With Bluesky Members, your member information stays organized and in one place easily accessible from anywhere and at any time

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In Bluesky, members are organized by Household providing you with additional convenience. Bringing up one member provides access to all household members. You can view and update information at the individual as well as the household level.


Member History

Over time as your members participate in programs and are billed for goods and services you can view that information on their detail screen


Easy access

Bluesky members provides many ways to access your member information. Filter by program, by participation role (e.g. student, volunteer, teacher, etc.), by household or by searching.

Connect with and mobilize your community

Our email messaging tool helps you communicate smarter with your community. Emails are template driven allowing you to customize them to individuals. The tool provides powerful filtering so that you to can target specific groups within your community.

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Targeted Emails

Recipients can be filtered by program, program participation roles and household relationship. Because emails are template-driven, you can customize them to individual members.


Mailing History

You can keep track of member mailing history too!

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